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Post  Seaty on Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:08 pm

Guild Master: Wardan
Nationality: British
Alts(L80): Daelanor

Ward'an started playing World of Warcraft when a real life friend of his convinced him to download the trial. He started playing in The Burning Crusade as a Blood Elf Paladin who eventually became known as Daé. Daé was kinda nooby, and never really was able to sink his teeth in to the end game content. He eventually created his new main "Wardan" and some time after moved Daé to the realm and renamed him Daelanor. One of Ward'ans few friends on the realm happened to be an officer in a guild called Liberated. She gave him a lot of advice and help in to becoming a better player and eventually in October 2009 convinced him to join the guild as a social member. Eventually she parted ways with the guild and she encouraged Ward'an to apply as a raiding member to fill her spot. Ward was eager to see the content that he'd missed out on on Dael and the new end of game content but knew nothing about raiding. With a lot of time and help from others he earned a spot as a regular member of the raiding team and an officer. In August 2010 Ward'an became the new Guildmaster of Liberated due to Seaty's busy work schedule.

Officer: Bailador
Nationality: British
Alts(L80); Anagar

History: He started playing WoW shortly after the launch of Burning Crusade, and initially was in a couple of social/levelling guilds before joining Golden Swords, and raiding only Karazhan in BC, He then joined Lunapolis a guild a friend created, and started to take the game a little more seriously, due to moving house and some real life issues, He had about a 6 week break during the launch of Wrath and came back to find Luna disbanded but a few of the members had joined Liberated, a small upcoming guild starting to raid 10 man content, so He joined up and have been with it ever since watching it Grow and evolve initially as a active member and raider and for the last few months as an Officer.

Officer: Avair
Nationality: British
Alts(L80) Delarain, Akumunra

Avair started out refusing to play World of Warcraft mostly because Diablo was free but after a while all his friends had abandoned Diablo and moved onto World of Warcraft, one night when he went to his friends house, he had a little go, his friend ended up falling asleep while Avair continued to play...and forgot to sleep. He join World of warcraft in 2006 and was a Member of Blades of Emorus, a strong guild who decided to change realm for more of a challenge, When Avair hit Level 80 The Burning Crusade had been out for quite some time, and no raiding guilds would accept him, in a heroic he met Kage Leader of Sanguine Euphoria who found that Avair's not a bad DPS. He then became an officer of Sanguine, after a while the Guild leader left, things started to get less and less enjoyable so he seeked refuge where others had, Liberated. He was made to do Malygos 10 as a trial on a Mac Laptop and still impressed.

Officer: Seaty
Nationality: Danish
Alts(L80): Seated, Seathi, Seatwe, Seatmo, Seatjo

History: He played in a lot of different guilds before finally settling down in Council of the Shield 9 months before Wrath was released. He became an officer under Windshear and became one of the top guilds on the server with more then 90 active accounts in the guild. After Wrath he joined up with Company Inc and soon after he left the guild to join Liberated. He quickly became one of the officers running the guild. He became the Guildmaster and was dedicated to bringing out the best in people. Seaty eventually had to step down as GM after his job began to leave him much less time to play.

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