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By reading the following, You will learn what Liberated is, what we are about and what our goals are.


Liberated was originally created as a social guild for a small band of friends that loved to play WoW together. We had some great fun in the guild and the friendly nature of its members slowly but surely attracted more and more people.

There came a point when we felt we had enough people to venture into the 10 man raiding scene because 10 man raids were so simple to organize and it was quite an easy task to fill raid slots. A very relaxed approach was taken to raiding and we found it worked very well. People came to raids because they wanted to not because they had to and our overall raiding experience was fun and relaxing.

As word spread about the raiding experience Liberated was providing more and more people joined the guild and finally the decision was made to take another step in the evolution of the guild and venture beyond 10 raiding.

The transition to 25 man raid is not an easy one, a lot more organization is required, along with new guild rules, and a formal system of raid rules & requirements, but the guild pulled together and pushed into 25 man content, reaping the rewards in guild progress, gearing up our raiding members & preparing for more and more challenging raids, but still keeping the core values from our 10 man days of being a friendly place to hang out chat and have fun, its a tough balance but we do our best to keep it and so far so good.

Social life:

Many members of the guild enjoy talking on our ventrillo server regularly outside of raids, whether it's for playing Warcraft together or just for chatting with friends.

Some members of the guild have also hosted some real life social events around Europe for the other members. In the past the guild met in Canterbury England where we went paint balling and had some good food. Eight people mainly from Denmark, Sweden and England attended the event. Some time after that we also had a meeting in the Netherlands that fourteen people attended, and more recently we have had an event in Wales that about 10-15 people attended.


If you make an application you should normally receive an answer within a few days. It can though drag out a little.

Trial periods normally last about 2-3 weeks where you will have to attend at least 5 raids. After that we will make a decision based on your level of commitment, timing, skills and social aspect.


We enjoy having our raids very casual, but working hard when it is new content. Wenormally have instructions on ventrilo before new content in order to make sure that everyone knows what they are doing. We are using EPGP system for looting, more information about that can be found else where on the forums.

Our current raid progress

RS10: Halion is dead.

ICC25: We have cleared 11/12 and are currently working on the Lich King.

ICC10: Cleared 12/12 on normal and are 9/12 on heroic. We are currently working on Putricide and Sindragosa heroic.

ToTc10: Cleared on heroic, with the "Tribute to Insanity" achievement.

ToTc25: Cleared on normal. We sometimes come back here and do some of the bosses on heroic.

Ony25: Used to be done weekly on the same night as ToTc25.

Ulduar10: Has been cleared, including Algalon.

OS10+3D and OS25+3D have been cleared.

On social off raiding days various runs may take place for gearing alts, for fun or for achievements on content we no longer raid regularly like Naxxramas, Ulduar etc. These runs are entirely optional.

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